Aelita Hopper [OU] (former_ai) wrote in econtra_ooc,
Aelita Hopper [OU]

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Prodigal Aelita Returns (If I'm Still Allowed)

It's been nearly three months, but I finally finished closing out my house and moving in. I love the place to little bits. And many thanks to the mods for not throwing my rear out of the communities, both this journal and my journal for Ickis (panicky_monster).

I may end up dropping Ickis since I can't think of what to do with him, but Aelita I'd like to keep, assuming the mods are letting me stay. If that's the case, I need to speak with Belldandy-mun since before Aelita went coma, Belldandy got her soul. again. ^^;
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