Sylvanas Windrunner (OU) (darkrangerqueen) wrote in econtra_ooc,
Sylvanas Windrunner (OU)

So...let's build an army

All right, guys. Since RL and writer's block hit me hard over the weekend and I don't want to divert you attention from the final modplot, I'm going to skip the drilling scene and start organizing units OOC. The assumption is that this was actually coordinated IC -- but I think at this point that would take too long. Sylv is looking for the following units:

1. Strike Force: Those who think they can harm an Entropi. Anyone who can drain life, and/or make barriers around one of the things so that they starve themselves. For those who were there when the rogue Keeper attacked, Sylv would appreciate input as to what/who worked last time. This also includes folks who can bend/redirect lightning. (Azula and Zuko, she's looking at you.) Others I know have these skills: Gaz, Ying Fa, Xiao Lang, and Pharaun Mizzrym. Sylv also happens to be a member of this group -- though if she wasn't, she would still try to command all of you.

2. Defense: This is largely the barrier-makers. They will work with the strike force to either guard them or protect essential buildings, such as the clinic. And if you can come up with a better name, let me know. Azula and Zuko (and their ilk) could also fit here.

3. Repairs: Anyone with skill enough to keep the buildings intact. (Edward Elric, and possibly Toph....) IF there are enough of you, this will be its own unit.

4. Infantry -- Spellcasting: All other mages, wizards, benders.

5. Infantry -- First Aid: Those who are willing to heal on the field, and transport the gravely wounded to the clinic.

6. Infantry -- Warriors: Anyone else who can fight in ways not mentioned in the strike force. Who knows? Their talents may be useful after all.

7. Healers -- Those healers stationed in the clinic, with the resources for longer-term care.

Please respond with one choice for your characters. Keep it simple. Let's pull ourselves together before the final showdown! (If it is indeed a battle.)
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