Mods of Econtra (econtra_mod) wrote in econtra_ooc,
Mods of Econtra

OOC Mods Note--

As you've seen, the next section of the endgame plot was just posted. However the mods have increasingly felt since the beginning of the month that the interest level, not to mention the participation level, of the players is far below expectations given the sign-ups which were received for this final plot. This is an extremely demanding and time-consuming venture, running a month-long plot, and at this point we do not feel that the players have reciprocated anywhere near that level of activity.

While we'd like to have the ending fully played out, we don't see much point if the players are going to ignore it or not bother participating. This drawn-out ending is for your benefit, not ours. If you're not interested in the endgame plot, then say so. We can have this game wrapped up in short order and allow everyone to move on, if that's what the majority prefers.
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