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Costuming Consumes My Life

I've been trying to put it off in hopes of making it through the mod plot, but I have to step back on my RPing now. I've got some major work to do on costumes and whatnot towards Sakura-con the 10-12 of April, and I really need to concentrate on that. So, while I'll be participating as much as possible in the endgame plot, I'm not sure if my interactions with other players will stay up. I can't really start anything new at this point other than the mod plot stages, and I'll do my best to finish, albeit slowly, anything I have currently ongoing.

My activity won't really be able to pick up until after the 13th. So, if the plot's still running by then, which I know it wasn't planned to be, I'll be back, but, if not, then it's been great playing with all of you, and I hope to have some good reading when I finally come back from everything and have the time to sit down and catch up. ^_^

This effects OU!Duo deaths_pilot and OU!Quatre desertprince04.
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