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Mods of Econtra

IMPORTANT - Farewell and goodnight.

"It's been a long road, getting from there to here."

So goes the song, and it's true. Today Econtra closes. I admit somewhat bad timing as it happens to fall on April 1st, but it's the 2-year anniversary (plus 3 days) of the game's opening. The mods would like to thank all of the players for their dedication and commitment to this game over many months. We have done our best to provide you with an entertaining, organized, and enjoyable place to roleplay and in turn you have given us a solid community of players and characters. We could not have done so without you.

In the next few hours, the mods will be removing all the core posts and profiles from the communities. Posting access to the logs community will remain open for 1 extra week to allow players to finish logging their characters' farewell and departures, but the other communities will be closed to new posts and the memberships from them removed. Nothing in any of the communities will be deleted, and we hope people will return to read their stories in the future. Further, econtradressing will be left open indefinitely.

Below is a master defriend code which you'll need to paste into the ADMIN CONSOLE. In our tenure we had some 1100 characters pass through, an astounding number. Please use this to clear off your friends lists for your character journals.

It is the mods' hope that the friendships made in this game will continue past the end of the roleplay. We'll miss playing with you and perhaps one day our RP paths will cross again.

Take care everyone,
-- Ankhi, Guil, Ro, Sammy, Tamara
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